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Each quarter I will post each class's Table of Contents on this page. If you are missing any sheets or notes from your notebook, please find it here or on your class page for your notebook checks.

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Key: Roanoke

The Declaration of Independence

For this class we will be looking at the Declaration of Independence. You can find the links to the different documents below:

Declaration of Independence Text: Here

Declaration of Independence Analysis

  1. Write down key points and things you notice about the document.

  2. Write down any questions that come to mind as you look at the document.

  3. Is the document easy to read? What is different about the text, font and spelling of the words in the document?


Part I – Preamble:

  1. According to this paragraph what is the goal of the writers?

  2. Why are they writing this document?

  3. Make a prediction of what will come next in the document based on what you have read in the “Preamble.”

Part II – Beliefs:

  1. What rights are the writers claiming that they have?

  2. According to this paragraph, what is the purpose of the government?

Part III – Complaints

  1. What is each complaint about? Write a brief description of each complaint in your own words.

  2. Who is “He” that the colonists refer to in the grievances?

  3. Who are the colonists blaming for their grievances? Why do you think they are blaming him?

Part IV – Attempts to Address Grievances

  1. How did the colonists try to address these grievances earlier?

  2. Why did they feel it was necessary to state this in the Declaration?

Part V – Declaring Independence

  1. What words from this paragraph actually declare the colonists’ independence?

  2. What rights and powers do they state that they now have?

Lewis and Clark

Today we are going to discuss Lewis and Clark. Please go to the following website and read the story of Lewis and Clark.

After reading each part, fill out the timeline to the right on a separate sheet of paper. We will be using these timelines tomorrow.

Lewis and Clark Sub-Work 10/10

Surprise! You are seeing me today--only you are not because I have to teach my Civics students. Today you will have a sub and are responsible for completing a Webquest on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Each person should get a copy and work INDEPENDENTLY. That means no sharing answers. If the sub suspects you are cheating you will receive a zero.

You may find these answers using any reputable website-- I will also allow you to use Wikipedia. Please write your answers down fully. Please note that I will be grading this for completion. 

Be good. Be polite to your sub. Get your work done (its due at the end of class). Bully Movie is tomorrow!

Civil War Battles

Please create a PowerPoint Presentation on the Civil War battle that you have chosen to do your project on. PowerPoints will be graded for effort, information, and neatness.You should aim to have between 8-10 slides. 

  • A description of the major events of the battle in chronological order, including the date and time of day the events happened

  • The generals and leaders of each army at the battle.

  • One or two photographs from Selected Civil War Photographs 1861­ - 1865, an archive of photos from the Library of Congress.

  • Include at least one map of the battle to explain the action to the class. You should show starting troop positions, fortifications, physical features and landmarks, and troop movements in the battle. The American Memory Collection also hosts a Civil War Maps Collection. PBS also has a series of Civil War Maps.

  • What was the significance of this battle on the course of the War?

  • Be sure to include an eyewitness account, using a primary source such as a journal of a soldier or general, newspaper report, etc.

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